Which Size Plastic Recyling Bin Is Best ?

Have you considered recycling at your Home ,School or Business?
Recycling is a great way to do your part to care for the environment, we produce various types of waste every day, and with very little effort, we can ensure that much of this waste is returned back into the manufacturing process to be used again.
Recycling also helps to create employment, with many people being involved in the recycling value chain.
There are many different ways to recycle, and one way is to use Plastic Recycling Bins https://www.shawsonplastics.co.za/products/dustbins/plastic-dustbins-wheely-bins-and-recycling-bins/recycle-bins/
Shawson Plastics supplies a wide range of Plastic recycling bins, from small 50 litre size bins, all the way up to 660 litre and 1100 litre wheelie bins.
Many customers like to purchase different coloured bins, so that each colour is used for a different type of waste, this is an effective way to direct users of the bins to deposit the correct type of waste into the correct bin. Alternatively, customers purchase the same colour bins, but then also buy stickers to put onto these bins, eg plastic, tins, paper. Did you know that Shawson Plastics supplies the plastic bins AND the stickers, so no need to approach another supplier to obtain stickers to put onto the bins.
A very popular recycling bin is the 50 litre bin with metal pedal, available from Shawson Plastics, it comes in 5 different colours, being green, orange, blue, yellow and grey. Customers love this bin because it is hands free (no need to touch the bins), and the pedal assembly, being made out of metal, is heavy duty.https://www.shawsonplastics.co.za/products/dustbins/plastic-dustbins-wheely-bins-and-recycling-bins/pedal-bins-and-foot-operated-wheely-bins/
Another customer favourite from Shawson Plastics is the light duty recycling bin, also available in five colours. These bins have a removable lid, which contains a flap, so they are easy to use, and easy to remove the bag out of once full. They more info are 60 litre capacity bins.https://www.shawsonplastics.co.za/products/dustbins/plastic-dustbins-wheely-bins-and-recycling-bins/recycle-bins/
Are you keen on the idea of recycling, but you would prefer a bin solution which is not only mobile, but also offers hands free operation ?
Shawson Plastics has a great solution for you ! Meet the 70 litre, 120 litre and 240 litre HANDS FREE WHEELY BIN !
These 3 types of bins are great recycling solutions, the 70 litre comes in Green and Grey, and the 120 litre and 240 litre come in five different colours.
Would you like to obtain a Recycling Station, Shawson Plastics supplies a great range of these .
For more information, please call us on (South Africa) +27117921916 or email rodneytrubshaw@fastmail.fm


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